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We are JustCoded

A web development company based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. JustCoded was founded in 2007 and since then our company has grown dramatically. We are a team of 30+ developers, with different specialities in the development industry.

Our Laboratory

Just Labs is a place to share different public products and projects we made inhouse.
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Sales Projects Invoices Clients Estimates.

A simple way to see and analyze the full project flow from Lead, inside the sales department, to completed project, by the project manager, and closed project, billing by the accountant.


S.P.I.C.E. Idea

The SPICE app connects Sales and Project Management Invoicing apps with each other. Our application provides a convenient way to see and analyze the full project flow from Lead, inside the sales department, to Completed Project, by the project manager, to Closed, whereby billing is handled by the accountant.

crm1 SPICE App


Project Features:

– Management of Clients, Leads/Deals, Projects, Estimates, Invoices, Payments.
– Integration with PipeDrive (, Teamwork (, Invoice Ocean (
– Third-party services data Import, data auto-synchronizations through webhooks
– Connect entities from different services together to get control over the complete flow from Lead to Closed Deal.

crm2 SPICE App


Upload your 3D model and explore it from every point using your browser or VR headset. Sharing 3D objects has never been easier!



Most architects or designers in the world now use 3D software tools to create models of objects they design – let’s say houses or gardens. However, sharing that model with a customer is not that easy if they don’t have the same software.

With our web based tool you can just upload your 3D model, add 360-degree images of certain places and share the link with anyone. If they have a VR-headset they can also experience the virtual reality of your model.




01. Create your 3D model in your favourite software and save it using one of the following formats: glTF, OBJ, COLLADA.

02. If you have 360-degree photos/images of some places/objects, you can add them to your model. Using our “admin web tool” (in desktop browser only) add pins into corresponding places and upload the images.

03. Open the viewer link in your web browser and walk through your model or fly from one pin to another. For more details visit our web site.



Just Buxfer is a ReactJS based extension for the well known online money management service – Buxfer.

The main goal of this extension is the ability to filter transactions by several tags and download the result after filtration. Currently, the Buxfer service does not have this functionality, but fortunately Buxfer does have a great API so the JC Team implemented the plan without any issues.


Just Custom Fields *

The first Custom Fields plugin in the WordPress directory (ACF was presented later).
Over the 40,000 downloads and 5,000+ active installs.

Provide easy-to-use custom fields for your clients with best user experience!

* Wordpress Plugin

Just Custom Fields

illustration-02@3x-1-678x600 Just Custom Fields

Just Custom Fields

Ready-to-use form fields for you

Our plugin allows you to create additional fields and attach them to any page, post or custom post type with just a few clicks. By default, it supports pretty standard fields like Input text, Select boxes, Checkboxes, Editor, Media Upload, Collections (for grouping other fields), and Content relations.


jcf-custom-component-518x370 Just Custom Fields

Just Custom Fields

Not enough? Write your own!

Special hooks allow you to write your own form fields and components without updating the plugin files. Just extend our plugin with hooks from your theme or plugin!

We followed WordPress built-in Widgets API to create a field components system, so advanced WordPress developers are already familiar with creating new fields without reading additional documentation.

Just Case

A demo JavaScript application for building completely customised phone/tablet/laptop cases.

Upload your personal images or use photos from Facebook or Instagram, apply various filters/patterns and see how your phone case will look.


justcase-preview Just Case

Just Case

Create your very own Case!

Build your own customized iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Air cases in our demo project.

In our demo, you’ll be able to:

  • Select your device
  • Select the base case (the base color)
  • Select Drop Zones. This is a special area on the case where you can upload an image or pick a photo.
  • Upload photos and place them inside the dropzones. Or you can use your instagram or facebook account to select your favorite photos.
  • After that you can apply different filters like grayscale, sepia etc.
  • And the very cool feature is to apply a mask over your images to make the case extraordinarily unique!

As this is just a demo project, after you create the case you can only share it through a social media.

Team Chess

Team Chess is a special kind of chess game which was invented by the JustCoded team. The main features of the game include black and white pieces which are divided into three subgroups. Each of the subgroups goes strictly in its turn. You can play with a team of up to 6 members at any one time on the same board.

Team Chess

Game Rules

The preliminary distribution of the pieces in the subgroups — each subgroup has 5 figures. King is a multicolor piece which everyone has control over.

The starting position for all pieces: yellow, green, and blue are all the same, meaning the white-yellow figure is similar to the black-yellow figure and so forth. The game starts from the white-yellow player’s turn, not being able to move non-yellow figures. Black-yellow goes just after the white-yellow and they continue to do so in that order.

Than we get 6 subgroups:


chess-groups-min Team Chess


teamchess-board1-600 Team Chess

Team Chess

Pay Attention

If there are no figures left in any of the subgroups, then when it is your turn to move, only the King can be moved from your subgroup. If your opponent has put the “Check”, you can protect the King only with a figure of the subgroup that has a turn. Otherwise, the King will have to move.

Team Chess is implemented with two options: “1 vs 1” and “3 vs 3”. In the “3 vs 3” option, you can lose if you no longer have any players in the game or give up!

There are no more features. Simple, isn’t it?


Building ordinary site animations is so boring, so instead our developers made a simple audio player with equalizer visualization graphics which works in real-time.

This is a great example of the power of modern JavaScript libraries.
We used the new P5 library for this player.


Moving WordPress

Simple Migration of your WordPress Site

With this article we continue to share our experience of websites implementation with free popular engines such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. After delivering hundreds of projects to clients, we collected a number of tips/solutions which we think may be useful to other developers or clients.

We want to share, free of charge, a solution for moving WordPress sites to another domain or folder. This is a well-known problem, however WordPress doesn’t have any standard solution for it.


What? I can’t just copy WordPress?

If you’ve ever tried to develop a WordPress sites, you’ve most likely faced a problem which we want to help you with. When you develop a WordPress site not on live domain, then you will need to move it from one server to another. At first glance there are no issues for more or less experienced developers – you just copy files and database to the new server and update config file with correct settings. After that you open your home page and see it working – so everything looks ok, but when you start clicking through the site you may be redirected to your initial domain (your development version) or extra folders may appear in your links so that the links are incorrect. Furthermore, some images may be missing or some new features provided by 3rd party plugins might not working.

Why is that happening? The answer is simple – during the installation, WordPress saves URLs inside the database. This means that after you move the site you should update the database records manually in many tables.

Don’t worry! We’re here!

There is a very good plugin called Migrate Pro, however, it costs a lot and basic sites can’t afford such a costly license. Furthermore, this plugin doesn’t update Multisite installations correctly.

In order to solve this problem and provide everyone with a free solution, we have developed a simple PHP script which performs all the required actions automatically. All you need to do is copy it to the WordPress folder near the wp-config.php file, run it in the browser and follow the onscreen instructions.

*Important: We recommend you to backup your database before running our script (or any other scripts).


illustration-03 Moving WordPress

Moving WordPress

Detailed step-by-step tutorial

  1. Upload wp-host-update.php file to your WordPress root folder
  2. Point your browser to this script by pasting to the browser address bar, replacing “” and “wp-folder” with your real values
  3. The script will try to determine and pre-fill the values for your server. In most cases you don’t need to change them. After you make sure they are correct, click the “Do The Magic!” button. You will see a progress bar and a small log about an update process.
  4. You are done and may enjoy your WordPress site on another server.

*Note: If you use permalinks, you should go to the WP admin panel and update permalinks structure after running the script.


Wordpress MultiSite support

If you run a MultiSite installation, you will see additional options. This is because MultiSite installation has a few special tables which store URLs in different formats. So they should be updated separately.

Here you should specify the domain name without the http or https prefix!

Even more…

Our script can be used to replace not only URLs. You can add more settings or strings to replace. For example, you post a lot of articles about some brand. And the brand name changed. You can write the old brand name into the “Find” column and a new brand name into “Replace”, and the script will replace all text strings for you.


Our script is an open source and is hosted on

Ready-to-use script is placed inside the “build” directory in the repository. We recommend downloading the latest “tag”, not a master branch.

If you have any problems, please write us on the github issues page.


J Stars *

This is a jQuery plugin that adds some “Magic” to your site. By “Magic” we mean shining stars which appear when you move your mouse. This exciting effect can be added to any block element on the site or even to the whole page!

* jQuery Plugin

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